A Place for Advanced
Dental Care in Ballarat.

At My Dentist Ballarat, we are a team of experienced dentists providing high quality dental care.

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Don’t let a Small Dental Problem go Big!

We endeavor to provide you necessary care & prevention methods for healthy teeth & Smile.

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Nothing wins against a great smile!

We are passionate about helping you to wear a beautiful smile.

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We transform your smile with invisible aligners

straightens teeth more predictably and comfortably.

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Having a dental problem?

Let us know what it is & we will give you the best possible solutions.

So what’s troubling you?

Dental pain is amongst the most severe pains that a person may feel and the effects of dental problems are not just limited to pain. For example, if you have missing teeth and cannot properly chew your food properly, you’re going to have to deal with many more health implications than just pain.

To make it easy for you, we have made a list of all the dental problems that patients usually come to us for. Take a look through them and if you need any assistance or treatment in regards to these issues and more, we are happy to help!

My tooth is fractured

I am having difficulty chewing

Can I enjoy Ice cream without toothache?

I wish I should never have a dental problem

My teeth are wearing down

I wish I had a better smile

I want to get rid of crooked teeth

I wish I had an option to pay in instalments

About Us

Welcome to My Dentist Ballarat & we thank you for visiting us.

With a team of experienced dentists, our mission is to help you to keep your teeth & gums healthy so that you can live your life to the fullest with a beautiful smile.

We provide high quality dental care & asserting the best dental clinic in Ballarat.

We pride ourselves on having a dental office equipped with advanced gadgets to offer one of the best dental treatment experience in Ballarat and serve the community with best dental care.

We believe in treating you with the latest skills & technology. This is why we focus more on advancing our dental technology, equipments & our team through continual dental education.

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Smiles are precious, especially of the ones you love. Keeping up with your family’s dental appointments should not be a stressful task. At My Dentist Ballarat we have a patient-friendly process that ensures your comfort and convenience. We provide you with

  • Easy Appointment Scheduling
  • Interest Free Payment Plans
  • Treatments For The Entire Family Including Your Kids & Seniors
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