Dental x-rays in Ballarat


Dental x-rays Services in Ballarat

dental x-rays in ballarat

Dental X-rays allow dentists to get a complete assessment of your oral health as they can show what is happening below the surface of your mouth, and when combined with a visual examination, allow the dentist to suggest suitable treatment options.


What types of things do dental X-rays show?

1. Small areas of decay between teeth which are not visible to the naked eye

2. The presence of gum disease

3. Any issues with fillings, root canals, crowns & bridges

4. Abscess or tooth inflammation

5. Cysts or some tumours

6. Wisdom teeth

7. Injuries and fractures

8. The growth of permanent teeth in children


Are dental X-rays safe?

Although X-rays involve exposure to radiation, the levels of radiation are low enough to be considered safe for both adults and children. Pregnancy is an exception, however, and women that are pregnant should inform us and avoid all types of X-rays.

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